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Weilai was established, as one of the first international logistics companies granted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, in 2003.

Weilai, the outstanding logistics supplier concerning International Containerization, Bulk Ship and Bulk Cargo transport in China, is handling the logistics routes around Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, India and Austra-NZ. The total sales volume of Weilai in 2005 amounted to USD 12 millions, which ranked TOP 100 in China.

Weilai has fully succeeded in foreign aid, U.N. support, export contract project, production technology cooperation and other imp & exp logistic projects supported by relative government departments, ports organizations and all clients through making full use of respective advantages in logistic management and technology these years.

Thus, Weilai has got great reputation in handling Containerization, import logistics, bulk transport, bulk tankers, liquid and gas , reproduction material, vehicle logistics.

Weilai has always oriented specialization, systematization and internationalization, and offered best service to satisfy clients and finally to be the best and internationally well-known logistics supplier all over the world.


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