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      Weilai, the outstanding logistics supplier concerning International Containerization, Bulk Ship and Bulk Cargo transport in China, is handling the logistics routes around Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, India and Austra-NZ. The total sales volume of Weilai in 2005 amounted to USD 12 millions, which ranked TOP 100 in China.                                                                                                                                    >> more

  International Freight Forwarder - Air Freight

    As a NVOCC, we work closely and collaborate with reliable carriers to provide professional services and best offer possible rates to our valuable clients.                                        >> more

    Door-to-Door services, Time-Sensitive cargo services, Insurance agent and packing for special products, Door-Door service.                                                              >> more

  Declaration and Inspection

    Weilai trucking fleet offers customers a punctual prompt transportation service,26 container trucks; transport for bulk cargo, over length and over weight cargo, The monthly capacity of transportation amounts to about 2300 TEU.           >> more

    As authorized customs broker  by China Customs Administration , Weilai has a professional clearance team with full capacity for import and export customs declaration. The average monthly bills for clearance reaches 1500.  >> more

  Supply Chain Management

  International Freight Forwarder - Add-Valued Logistics Service

    Bonded & Un-bonded Warehousing, Consolidation Hub, Pick & Pack, Kitting & simple job assembly, Management of raw materials & feeding to plant, Finished Goods direct distribution, replenishment to RDCs & city delivery.                        >> more

     Import and Export trader agent, Product merchandising and inspection, Customs broker and I&C agent in difference place, International and national Insurance agent, Trade consultation and Analysis.                                       >> more

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